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We are a 10 man raiding guild on Kil'Jaeden (H) and we pride ourselves for being excellent raiders but we are laid back enough to not consider us hardcore. 

Since MoP release, we suffered some major roster disasters due to real life issues and people being late and we've only gone into MV for a grand total of 2 times so far and went 4/6 both times with the people we had as well as some pugs.

Why raid with us?

Because we are good. By that I mean really good. We probably have the best healers you will ever raid with and we probably have the most friendly and skilled raid leader you've ever seen. 

We don't strive for firsts but we push harder than most.
We aren't hardcore, but we are probably much more hardcore than you think.

Please feel free to message Saih or Migo in game for more information. If you intend to apply, please head over to the forum and drop an application.

Our raid time is 9:00 PM every Tuesday to Thursday. Please refer to Recruiting section about the classes/specs that we are looking for.

What type of raiders are we looking for?
    1. Skills. We don't expect you to be the best of the best but we expect you to be able to pull your own weight in the raid.
    2. Being open to suggestions and help. There might be something wrong with your stat choices enchants, we try to fix that for our members. But if you don't like listening to advices, this may not be the guild you are looking for.
    3. Casual / Hardcore. We don't look for the people who just want to raid to have a good time, we look for the people who wishes to progress as far as they can even in hardmode progression while having fun at the same time. If you are not comfortable with some hardcore content pushing, this may not be the guild you are looking for.
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